IT Support Managed Services Extend Their Reach Into Data Backup And Broadband Connectivity

In the past you would purchase all the parts of your computer system separately – Windows servers, Apple Macs, routers, switches, broadband, tape backup  Managed Cloud Services drives, etc. and put them all together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Getting to this point was no mean feat in itself!

After you had done that – provided all the bits fitted together (which often they didn’t) then you would need IT Support to keep your computer network running.

IT Support and IT Infrastructure Budgets

Putting together an IT Infrastructure budget and an IT Support budget was challenging to say the least. If the bits of the puzzle didn’t fit together, or there were project overruns you would pay the price. When something stopped working – as often happens with a computer network – then you would need to pay to get it fixed. The IT Support bill from your IT Support Company would usually be unpredictable and higher than you expected.

To say nothing of the disruption to your business.

IT Support Managed Services

The answer was managed services – pay a single monthly fee to your IT Support Company for them to manage your network, prevent the majority of problems happening and provide unlimited support when there was a problem. Some IT Support Companies would even include items like anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam within their IT Support Service at no additional cost.

But what about all the other unpredictable costs?

IT Support Managed Service For Broadband

Some IT Support companies have started to offer an IT Support Managed Service for broadband. It usually includes the broadband service, internet router, firewall and unlimited IT Support for one single fixed monthly fee. You don’t need to worry about hardware purchases or sudden spikes in IT Support costs when you have a problem.

IT Support Managed Service For Data Backup

Today all companies send, receive and hold larger and larger amounts of data – and is still growing exponentially. Of course Disk drives are cheap, but the cost of managing the data once you have the data is very high. Backing up such large volumes of data is a problem. At the same time businesses have become totally dependent on their computer systems and data. Very often it’s a case of no data, no business. This makes data backup and disaster recovery essential.

It’s vital that you can recover from a data disaster – the costs and consequences of recovery are high.

I have personally been contacted by companies who have spent as much as £10k to retrieve data that has not been backed up. Plus they have been unable to do business for almost a week. Data backup is surprisingly complex. For a start it needs to be monitored because something like 7% of all data backups fail each night. And once they fail unbeknown to you they will generally fail day after day. Plus you save greater and greater volumes of data each day forcing you to purchase and implement a new data backup service or tape backup drive at some point.

But now some IT Support Companies are taking care of it for you with a single monthly Managed Services payment for up to 1TB of data – and that’s a lot of data! They will change the hardware as it is required, monitor it for you and fix it on a daily basis.

Managed Services Makes the IT Support jigsaw Simpler And More Predictable

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