Hauts-De-Seine: The Smallest Department of France Which Offers A Lot More

The second level of administrative division of France is known as the departments and Hauts-de-Seine is one of the departments. In fact, it is one of the three surrounding departments of Paris. Even though, it is one of the smallest French departments, it has a variety of activities to keep its visitors busy.


After all, there are plenty of business towns in the area along with historic buildings and regions with natural beauty. In simple words, there is much to do on your visit to Hauts-de-Seine.


Main attractions:


Gardens and Parks


The famous St. Cloud Park covers over 460 hectares. It consists of beautiful waterfalls, ponds, and even sculptures. Plenty of routes are developed within the park where you can have a romantic walk with your beloved or a sexy Lovesita 92 escort.


Next, the gardens around the magnificent Chateau de Sceaux have amazing landscaping done. You can find Grand Canal lined with trees. During summers, the orangery hosts a musical festival.


Lastly, the Meudon Forest area is full of trees and beautiful paths which can be explored walking or bicycling. In fact, the town of Meudon has many museums, which can charm anyone easily, especially the one that is dedicated to a local artist. Furthermore, there are many historic observatories and several tree lined streets with cafes and restaurants.


Sevres Porcelain


The famous porcelain manufacturing factory of Hauts-de-Seine was established in the 18th century. It is running till date and making beautiful porcelain items. Besides, there is a museum attached to the factory that showcases the examples of artefacts produced in the factory. These are worth l


Many famous artists worked at Sevres porcelain over the years, including Serge Poliakoff and Auguste Rodin. The museum displays over 50,000 pottery and earthenware items, and 5000 of those were actually made at the Severs.


La Defense


If historical places and museums are not your thing, La Defense will definitely grab your attention. The town is full of modern style skyscrapers and tall office buildings. The best part is, the town is located on the edge of Paris, and thus city’s metro system is very much accessible.


Open spaces between well-known buildings usually hosts outdoor art exhibitions. However, the main attraction is the Grand Arche de la Defense. Inspired by the Arc de Triomphe, the Grand Arche offers a great view of not only over La Defense, but the entire Paris. If you have acrophobia, the attraction isn’t for you.


Activities in Hauts-de-Seine for adventure lovers


For water sports enthusiasts, there are many exciting activities. The water sports centers offer:


  • Canoeing
  • Scuba diving
  • Rowing
  • Water skiing
  • Sailing


However, if you prefer staying on land, there are about 350 kilometers of lovely trails that are perfect for solo or group hiking activities.


So, there you go. No matter where you are in France, you will never be disappointed, and Hauts-de-Seine is a perfect example for this. Despite of being the smallest French Departments, it offers way more than anyone can expect. Thus, if you are planning to visit Paris anytime soon, make sure to include visiting Hauts-de-Seine in your tour.

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